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bySTEM From Dance
onOctober 26, 2023

Studies show that women make up only 27% of the STEM workforce. This is primarily rooted in gender bias that girls experience in early adolescence. The myth that boys are naturally better at math and science is not backed up by data but has been highly effective in stunting girls' interest in pursuing these fields. It's particularly harmful to black and brown girls who are already at a societal disadvantage due to discrimination and lack of reliable resources. Our approach is to capture and keep girls' attention from an early age. We use dance to take them on a journey and show them what they are capable of in STEM. This work has catapulted us into relationships with changemakers who are taking gender equity to new heights.

Most recently, MIT Solve has identified STEM From Dance as one of seven solutions to the lack of gender equity in STEM. MIT Solve is a forward-thinking marketplace for social impact whose mission is to drive innovation to solve world challenges. Our work is shifting the narrative in unique ways, and we're grateful MIT Solve is leading the way and providing much-needed resources. Congratulations to our fellow MIT Solve winners, Code Girls United, Women In Technology (WIT), Women's Audio Mission, LaunchCode, Ada Developers Academy, and STEAM Connection.

In addition to the work being done by MIT Solve, there are organizations like CSforALL creating spaces to discuss the STEM challenges we're facing today. CSforALL is holding its annual summit this week where, over the past seven years, it has brought together national thought leaders to discuss the importance of computer science education. This year's summit aims to strengthen technology educational opportunities and access for students by reimagining and improving the education system with support and resources. We are excited to support their efforts.

With organizations like MIT Solve and CSForAll bringing STEM to the forefront, the future is bright for girls looking to take the first step toward their STEM careers.

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