Annual Report

A Decade of Impact

Letter from the CEO

As we approach our 10th Anniversary at STEM From Dance, we celebrate not only what we accomplished in this past, momentous year, but what we have accomplished - together - in the past decade.

In 2008, I was a college freshman at MIT. I walked into my first mechanical engineering class with a lot of excitement, a healthy dose of nerves, and an eagerness to begin the next journey of my life with a new community of peers. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that I was one of a few Black women in the room, but it still shook me. I had worked hard to get to MIT, but I knew I wasn’t so special that I should be one of the only women of color in this room full of future STEM leaders.

When I look back at that moment now, I recognize it as the beginning of my movement. A movement that evolved into an idea; an idea that became an organization; an organization that opened up to a classroom of girls who were, like me on that first day at MIT, both nervous and excited about what was possible for their future.

SFD’s movement, I am humbled to say, is now far greater than me, fueled by hundreds of bold and brilliant girls of color across dozens of states and multiple countries.

What’s next in our movement? Read on. Dream on. Join us.


Message from the Board of Directors

While our individual journeys to STEM From Dance are varied, our belief in SFD’s innovative and powerful mission is shared. Why are we a part of the movement?


Encouraging curiosity creates a pathway to transform perspectives and envision new possibilities. STEM From Dance encourages young women of color to be curious about STEAM at every touch point. I am so proud of the new possibilities Yamilée and the SFD community are creating daily."

Nakia James-Jenkins

Every year I’m more inspired by the young people who participate in STEM

From Dance. Their creativity and confidence shines through in their

performances. Watching them gives me hope that STEM fields will have a more dynamic and talented workforce than ever before."

Caitlin Teres

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.’ - Benjamin Franklin. STEM from Dance’s ability to celebrate, motivate, and activate young women of color to get involved is a model to be copied and admired."

Bryan Ballegeer

10 Years of Growth

Yamilée Toussaint Beach dreams up the idea of STEM From Dance after her experiences as a lifelong dancer and one of a few women of color at MIT.
Yamilée officially launches SFD using $4,320 from a friends and family crowdfunding campaign.
SFD opens its first school residency at WATCH High School in Brooklyn with a math and dance curriculum.
SFD wins seed funding from Teach For America’s Social Innovation Award, allowing it to hire its first employee, run a pilot program, and attract more resources.


At STEM From Dance, we get girls of color excited about science and technology.

Our mission is to give girls the awareness and preparation for a STEM education through the creative and confidence-building aspects of dance.

Since its founding, SFD has innovated the STEM education world through its unique use of a culturally relevant activity - dance - to unlock the potential of girls of color. In addition to teaching the “hard skills” of computer science and the arts, our girls gain the confidence needed to take risks in the classroom, persist, and explore their intellectual curiosity – all characteristics of a student who excels in STEM.

Through year-long school residencies and an immersive multi-week summer program, girls choreograph an original dance enhanced with a technological program they learn to code. The final showcase is the girls’ opportunity to prove to themselves and boldly demonstrate to others that they are in fact capable of anything.

Accomplishments Through the Years

1,088Girls Served
1,660Hours Taught
50School & Community Based Partners
9Unique Models of SFD’s Curriculumn
82%of Girls Have a Better Understanding of STEM
98%of Girls Served Come from Historically Underrepresented Groups in Tech

What Do These Numbers Mean in the Life of a Girl?

Meet Jonay.

When Jonay first applied to STEM From Dance, her overriding emotion was fear.

At the time, Jonay felt incapable of mathematical or quantitative thinking on a grand scale - it was a realm that seemed far out of her reach.

However, Jonay says, “through hard work, an amazing learning process, and encouraging staff, SFD became instrumental in building my confidence as a Black woman in professional spaces largely dominated by white men. SFD showed me that there are amazing things I can create once I apply myself and believe in my analytical abilities.”

Now a college sophomore, Jonay says, “If not for SFD, I would not have been able to find my passions. I will forever be grateful to this organization and all it has taught me, both from a STEM perspective as well as a personal development perspective.”



Since our very first contributions from family and friends to present-day, SFD has aimed to leverage every single dollar of investment to maximum impact. Our financials demonstrate an organization that is fiscally sound and poised for continued upward momentum.


2021 Expenses Breakdown


2021 Revenue Breakdown


Funder Spotlight

STEM From Dance knows that our movement is possible only with the support of a diverse network of partners, volunteers, and funders.

We thank the thousands of individuals and institutions who have championed our work over the past 10 years and we proudly spotlight some of our most ardent supporters whose timely investments created pivotal opportunities to increase our impact:



In the News

Call to Action

At the time of this report’s release, SFD is deeply engaged in our strategic planning process, with a three-year vision to:

  • Magnify the Impact of our Signature Model
    • Build a Cohesive & Comprehensive School to Career STEM Pipeline
    • Establish Thought Leadership Around the Intersection of STEM and Performance Arts
  • Reach More Girls
    • Establish a National Footprint
    • Establish a Global Presence
  • Build the Infrastructure Necessary to Achieve our Bold Vision
    • Build the Team We Need to Scale
    • Develop the Finance Model to Support Our Ability to Scale

At the time of this report’s release, SFD is deeply engaged in our strategic planning process, with a three-year vision to:

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