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The Opportunity

Women of color are severely underrepresented in STEM fields. This is a result of gender stereotypes, a male-dominated culture, few role models, and a confidence gap perpetuated by people around them.

Less than5%of STEM field employees are Black, Indigenous, Hispanic or Latina women, according to the National Science Foundation.
Only19%of college computer and information science majors are women, per the American Association of University Women.
Many girls, by3rdgrade lose confidence in their math abilities, according to the American Association of University Women.


Our communities have traditionally used dance to release, celebrate, draw strength, communicate, and learn. We meet them where they are and show them that they belong in STEM. Combining dance with tech transforms STEM careers from unthinkable to within reach.


Dance transforms our girls into students who are curious, ask questions, take risks in the classroom, and keep going — even when it gets tough — and that confidence translates to STEM and beyond. Through our programs, girls discover how confidence in STEM subjects can be a way of life just as much as dance.


Dance creates a warm, joyful atmosphere that builds sisterhood, fosters connections, and lowers doubt, and makes for a STEM environment that is encouraging and inviting. Girls in our programs work together to choreograph their dances, design and build the technology in their performance, all while connecting with other girls and supportive adults who share their interests.


We create dance. We create in STEM. We combine the two to create electrifying performances. We inspire and encourage our girls to dream big and help them develop the skills to turn their dreams into reality — on stage, in the classroom, and throughout their lives.

How It Works

  • Our project-based, hands-on experiences integrate STEM and the performing arts

  • Girls choose dance styles and create choreography they perform for family & friends

  • Our programs feature inspiring STEM experiences with guest speakers and field trips

  • Our strong, experienced team leads each session to keep the creativity flowing

  • The innovative curriculum explores the intersection of STEM and dance

  • Our interconnected and sequential programs: Catalyze > Immerse > Launch, take our girls on a journey through their school years and beyond


The Journey

The journey is designed to start with our short Catalyze programs that give girls a sense of the experience. From there, they progress to our longer Immerse programs, where they can be involved in for years. Lastly, our Launch program is for STEM From Dance participants who have graduated from high school.

The Impact

We inspire girls of color to unlock their joy, power, and STEM potential across the US and beyond.

2K+Girls served
10+Years of impact
82%Increase in STEM understanding and proficiency

Being part of the STEM From Dance community helped me develop an interest for engineering that I am pursuing in college, and being able to take leadership while working as a team gave me the confidence to fight to achieve the future that I want to be a part of."

Melodie, STEM From Dance AlumnaGeorgia Tech Engineering Major, Class of 2026

I love SFD because it’s making me learn more about coding. Society is going toward coding and technology. When I grow up, I want to be either an environmental scientist or an engineer."

Franceluce, STEM From Dance Alumna

I use my computer skills in real life by looking at everything as a step-by-step process, like the functions in coding. This helps me achieve my goals as I get a clearer understanding of what I have to do to get there."

Crystal, STEM From Dance Alumna

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